Madrid’s most famous clock… and Spain’s

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Last year, on October 28th, clocks changed to winter time. This past summer there was a long debate regarding the possibility of abolishing the time adjustments in 2019, but the truth is that this matter seems to have been forgotten now. On October 28th an extra hour was added, winter started, and everything went back to normal.


On that same day, news programmes announced that the official decision of not changing the time, because the amount of energy saved still had low impact, would be postponed. As far as Spain is concerned, the debate in society and in different economic activities, is on the cards.

In Madrid, the most famous clock of the city, the one from Puerta del Sol, is looked sideways because this clock had to accept the decision that was made in the 70s and now this might be changed again.

This clock that every year celebrates with us with twelve wishes in the shape of grapes and chimes, has already turned 150, which is usually forgotten, and it is all thanks to a Leonese pastor that would soon become an internationally famous clockmaker during his training in London.

Rumour has it that before being placed where it is today, the clock was where Apple is now and that before that, it was located on a former church and after that in a hotel. But the clock didn’t work very well, so Madrilenians complained, laughed and couldn’t trust it. When the clock was placed on top of the building of “Gobernación”, which is now the Community of Madrid, every clock face showed a different time.

The clockmaker Losada, saw the clock during a trip to Madrid and decided to build all the mechanisms and machinery with his own hands to donate it to the city.

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