The Casa de Campo park now has a lake again!

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Now, it is ready at last. Casa de Campo finally has its lake back. A few weeks behind schedule, this artificial lake designed by King Philip II in the 16th century is up and running again after being revamped.

With depths varying from 4.5 metres to just over 1 metre, this lovely lake is one of the most emblematic features in the Casa de Campo park, Madrid’s main breathing lung.Lago_de_la_Casa_de_Campo

Almost a year of refurbishment work has been underway to get the lake looking sparkly and new for springtime and, more importantly, for the hot summer days. There are lakeside bars and cafés dotted along the shore, welcoming you to sit down for lunch on a Saturday in the open air.

It may look small on first sight, but don’t let it fool you! This is actually where the first stage of Madrid’s most famous triathlon takes place, so imagine how big it really is – 1400 metres long!

As well as having tidied up the lake, the renovation work involved putting up some brand new floating piers where visitors can hop into its little lake boats. They have also put in new fences and footpaths.

Madrid looks different in spring. Everything is brighter and more vibrant when the sun shakes off its winter blanket and decides to stay out longer. And the Casa de Campo park makes the perfect place to sit down and enjoy these wonderful warm temperatures in the fresh air surrounded by nature. When the sun finally sets, the majestic Almudena Cathedral is just a walk away and you will be back in the buzzing city.

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