Shared mobility is putting the pedal to the metal in Madrid

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It’s never been easier to get around in Madrid. Some statistics indicate that the Spanish capital has the most shared mobility services of any city in Europe… and possibly, in the world.

Emov, Car2Go and Wible are some of the options for electric vehicles that the Spanish capital offers to those who wish to use them. But there’s more. Car-sharing services are really taking off, and there are already six companies operating in Madrid – a figure equalled only by Valencia with the recent incorporation of Acciona.

However, Madrid continues to come out on top, being the European leader in terms of the number of motorcycles available, which has grown by nearly 500% in the last year – a spectacular achievement – but nevertheless, there’s still room for expansion.motosharing-madrid-1100x470

Scooters are a newcomer to the sustainable mobility market, although they have their drawbacks when it comes to considering where they can and cannot be parked.

BICIMAD’s bikes are familiar old friends, the ones that strove to change the way we move around the city, and which few people now talk about because they have finally been accepted by their critics and their defenders alike. The debates seem to have moved on and others have arisen, related more to traffic itself: who can and cannot enter central Madrid, and how far do the restrictions go?

The truth is that getting around has never been easier, despite the fact that passionate car drivers continue to insist that this is either impossible or not the case. With any of the services, whether via motorbike, car, bicycle or scooter, you can reach any point of interest in the city and, most importantly, you can do so without creating pollution and you’ll be helping Madrid to finally ‘dump the beret and let its hair down’, in the words of the Instagrammer Vecina Rubia.

(Photo from Motorbike Magazine)


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