Madridians, the biggest holiday spenders

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The blinds are down. Everything is still. Barely any traffic in the morning. Plenty of places to park. Baseball caps and cold bottles of water line up Calle Preciados. Air conditioning emanates from shops like if the North Pole was inside. Welcome to Madrid during the holidays.

Travellers have plenty to see during their stay in Madrid and they make the most of the month of August to do so, since it is easier to discover all the secrets that the city holds which remain hidden with the regular hustle and bustle of working days.

Some locals stay in the city because they prefer to travel in September – it’s been a while since some are trying to remove August’s status of ‘holiday month par excellence’ – but those who do barely make a noise after the 15th, something which shows that, as always, the country has come to a standstill because “it’s August”.

So, where do locals go? Well, many of them go to the nearest golden beach, which is on the coast of Alicante, but others choose Andalusia, to destinations such as Puerto de Santa María in Cádiz or Estepona and Marbella in Málaga, all of which places of great beauty.

Madridians, or madrileños as they are called, also go to their original towns in the north of Spain, since many of them have their family roots far from the Spanish capital.

What is clear is that people from Madrid spend the most on their holidays and pay little regard to what they spend. According to a study carried out by an alarm company, Madrid leads the holiday spending with an average of 1,290 euros per person.


After Madrid comes Barcelona, of course, with 1,185 euros pp., followed by Asturias in third with 1,180 euros pp. Residents of the south-western Spanish region of Extremadura are those who spend the least: 500 euros pp., probably due to their geographical proximity to the Andalusian beaches and Portugal, which require a much shorter journey than if you are coming from the heart of the Iberian Peninsula.

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